About Us

STNL Advisors is a real estate consulting group that specializes in unlocking hidden value related to leasehold and fee-owned real estate assets. We provide portfolio companies and equity sponsors with negotiating, restructuring, and repositioning services targeted towards improving liquidity to grow core businesses, improving cash flow and borrowing capacity, and creating long-term operational efficiency, whether on a single-asset or portfolio-wide basis.

Buy and Recast™

Through our Buy and Recast™ program, we offer an effective capital-raising solution in a capitalization (CAP) rate-constrained environment for private equity groups, portfolio companies, and business operators. When structured strategically and executed effectively, this financing vehicle allows a company to better manage its capital structure and reinvest the equity into its core business that is generally tied up in the real estate. This unique financing option also offers flexibility in new portfolio acquisitions or leveraged buyouts whereby monetized capital is typically more than traditional financing.

Leasehold Positioning and Renegotiation

STNL Advisors works with its clients to address opportunities for value creation within existing or future leasehold obligations. Whether a fund is considering a new or add-on acquisition, looking to enhance existing operational efficiency, or is positioning itself for an exit, evaluating the leasehold obligations can tremendously improve EBITDA and overall valuation.

Our Services


STNL Advisors has proprietary research databases for determining lease metrics and profiling landlords. We comprehensively abstract leases, identify critical negotiating points, analyze unit-level performance and market conditions, and build cases for negotiations with Landlords.


We have a multinational presence in primary and tertiary markets, and access several proprietary databases to provide clients with real-time market data. STNL has completed over $4 billion in transactions through Buy and Recast™ programs, negotiating / restructuring leases, subleasing, assignments, and terminations.


We understand how to create value for Landlords and Tenants through lease modifications. STNL restructures the lease so individual Landlords can avoid additional losses by a future default and increase investment value. We generate millions in lease savings and Landlord CapEx contributions through rent reductions and lease terminations. Through restructuring rents and securing additional lease-term options, we provide income and site control that were in jeopardy of being lost due to upcoming lease expirations.


We use an online project management platform that allows for us to instantly collaborate and share strategies and pertinent files with our clients. This familiar and easy to use interface, coupled with its sharing functionality, is a valuable tool to communicate real-time data and stay connected with clients.


Our firm runs a process to devise the best strategy for capitalizing on opportunities for Landlords and Tenants. We pride ourselves on maintaining the integrity of and enhancing the Tenant and Landlord relationship.


We capitalize on arbitrage opportunities to secure future EBITDA through long-term control of the real estate. STNL creates Buy and Recast™ opportunities for Tenants to leverage their real estate to finance remodeling costs, and preserve and protect cash flow / EBITDA. We target rent reductions to stabilize marginal assets and create favorable lease provisions.

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maximize value

Our strategies for negotiating, restructuring, and repositioning leases create long-term stability and improve marketability. Utilizing a Buy and Recast™program, we maximize proceeds and provide the highest probability of closing. Through specializing in net-leased and sale-leaseback transactions, STNL Advisors has developed unparalleled expertise in property valuation and positioning. Our Buy and Recast™ programs are proprietary and customized to satisfy our client’s varying financial and operational objectives, including lease structuring and identifying critical negotiating points. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of every alternative and offer a unique perspective to maximize value from underlying real estate. Through our long and successful track record servicing clients, STNL has established a respected reputation in the marketplace with both Landlords and Tenants.

Our Team

Stephen Olefson

Executive Vice President



Stephen M. Olefson is Executive Vice President of STNL Advisors. Having more than 20 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate in the NYC Tri-State Area, his unique and insightful strategies for Landlords and Tenants allow him to provide clients with a successful platform for achieving any real estate initiative. Stephen is a life-long resident of the NYC Tri-State Area. He currently lives in Morristown, NJ with his wife Dr. Abigail Wellington, and four young children.

Jacqueline Barrett

Vice President



Jacqueline Barrett is Vice President of STNL Advisors. She started her 10+ years of experience in real estate investment sales with NNN Pro Group, the top net-leased properties group in the nation. Jacqueline then continued her career in acquisitions and asset management for ACRE Group, a full-service boutique Commercial Real Estate company. With a combined experience in creating beneficial results for Landlords and Tenants, she is instrumental in all aspects of STNL Advisors, and prides herself on building and sustaining loyal relationships with clients.

Michael Liu

Senior Analyst



Michael is a Senior Analyst at STNL Advisors. Michael began his real estate career with NNN Pro Group in 2014 and, as of 2015, joined the STNL Advisors team. He focuses on real estate underwriting, property-level analysis, lease restructure programs for owners, operators, and portfolio companies. Prior to joining STNL Advisors, Michael worked in public relations at a multicultural advertising agency in New York City. He has experience developing excellent rapport with clients and is dedicated to satisfying their needs. Michael graduated from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.

Ray Tovmasyan




Ray Tovmasyan is an Analyst at STNL Advisors. Prior to this, he worked at Integra Realty Resources where he primarily focused on appraising suburban office and industrial buildings. His professional experience includes acquisition analysis for multi-family, mixed-use properties in the NYC Tri-State Area, and property management for Walt Disney World Corporation in Central Florida. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Rollins College in 2007, and master’s degree in Management at Harvard University in 2010.