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Stephen Olefson

Senior Managing Director

Stephen Olefson is a Senior Managing Director, a real estate consulting group that specializes in unlocking hidden value related to leasehold and fee-owned real estate assets. Stephen joined STNL Advisors in 2010 and oversees the consulting group. Through a combination of relationships and industry knowledge, he has established a best-in-class restructuring program benefiting both landlords and tenants. Stephen has a wide range of experience and insight that is valued by many company executives who recognize those programs are considered some of the most sophisticated in the industry.

Stephen has 20 years of experience implementing lease restructuring programs on behalf of landlords and tenants. The financial impacts he has had on clients is difficult to quantify and continues to increase daily through his strategic growth initiatives.

Stephen lives in Morristown, New Jersey with his wife and four children. When he is not helping clients make better decisions with their real estate, he enjoys helping his kids make good choices - which ski trail to enjoy in the winter and which biking trail to explore in the summer.