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Jean Paul

Vice President

Jean Paul is a Vice President with STNL Advisors, a real estate consulting group that specializes in unlocking hidden value related to leasehold and fee-owned real estate assets. Jean Paul joined STNL Advisors in2022 and currently focuses on creating strategic partnerships with institutional and private clients. Jean Paul is responsible for restructuring leases, and buyback opportunities to mitigate portfolio risks and future-proof real estate assets while forming impactful and meaningful relationships with key stakeholders.

Jean Paul’s executive experience arises from 17 years working in the real estate industry beginning as a residential sales agent in the United States then overseas.

Prior to joining STNL Advisors, Jean Paul earned a master’s degree in real estate investment and development. He worked in Sydney, Australia as a National Real Estate Manager, managing the end-to-end process of large-scale retail portfolios across shopping centers for both private and institutional landlords.